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SCAP Hosts Visiting Artists Aaron Cohick & Tricia Tracey

Published February 25, 2016

_DSC0712During the first week of February, Small Craft Advisory Press had the pleasure of hosting artists Aaron Cohick (Colorado College,New Lights Press) and Tricia Tracey to collaborate on a new artist’s book with SCAP Director Denise Bookwalter. The  project references George Perec’s, Life A User’s Manual as the original impetus for the book’s larger concept, which eventually lead the collaborators to create the modular type system that makes up the book’s content.








This modular type system consists of 200 type-high maple blocks, each measuring 1″ square. Half of the blocks are dedicated to text, while the other half are dedicated to imagery.The three collaborators designed a grid system in the bed of SCAP’s Vandercook Universal I which allows them to interchange text, image, and a blank spacer in order to build each spread of the book.