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Published August 3, 2013

Lining is a collaborative artists book project between Lee Emma Running and Denise Bookwalter. The conversation about this collaboration began in the spring of 2012 near the east shore of Lake Michigan at Oxbow during the Paper Book Intensive. Lee Emma Running and Denise Bookwalter were both instructors and participants for the first time. They taught each other and learned they worked well together and shared a common interest in pattern, texture, and textiles. A long distance conversation continued over the year and culminated in a one-week spring residency at Small Craft Advisory Press.

Lining is about the fabric in clothing that goes next to the skin. Many garments are lined with specific fabrics chosen for their softness, pattern or warmth. Lining represents five of these fabrics within its pages. Each of the five fabrics is mounted on a page that folds out revealing it as a lining of that page. Cut into the pages are microscopic images of each of the fabrics and a poem accompanies the lining fabric with a poetic description of the textiles. The book itself is lined with actual rabbit fur and prints of rabbit, also a material used for lining gloves and other warm clothing.

The book is made of an engraved birch plywood enclosure with a living hinge lined with rabbit fur. Letterpress printed pages are backed with felt, ripstop nylon, satin, silky solid polyester, and knit jersey. Pages are laser cut with interpretations of fabric as seen under the microscope.