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Letterpress + MakerBot Printing Tests

Published June 29, 2012

Allison Milham and Windham Graves have begun testing letterpress plates produced with the MakerBot.

The test run depicted below includes one plate that was sanded and one left with its original texture.

The plate is printed at the height of photopolyer. This image shows backing the plate with 3M mounting film.

Vanson letterpress ink (rubber based) was used

First Allison printed them by hand using a brayer and barren.

Then on the press.

“The image came out well, however the text is a little messy,” said Milham,”the texture from the beads is actually pretty interesting, but a bit distracting with text. I prefer the print from the plate that was sanded. ” Milham and Graves plan to explore the process further with line drawings and shapes.

Stay Tuned!