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Katie Baldwin

Published December 30, 2011

Lake + Cloud, is a collaboration between Katie Baldwin and SCAP Director Denise Bookwalter that explores the expansive act of reading by altering the reader’s physical space.  The book includes two parachutes, one white and one blue, that are pulled form the book and placed in the readers space to make a representation of a lake and a cloud.  Included with the lake and cloud props is a letterpresses instruction book that encourages the reader to experiment and instructs them how to put things away again for the next reader.

About Katie:

“My images create a visual narrative, bearing witness to both the ordinary and extraordinary events of human life. I work in series; my prints complete each other as a non-linear account that attests to the complexity of the human condition. Daily life intersects with themes of poverty, relationships, culture, natural disasters and dumb luck.

My recent work is about my confusion between the personal and the political. About trying to distinguish the point where policy-making and power at the national level collides with the everyday lives of ordinary people. ”

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