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Home » News » Judy Rushin’s Public Art Piece For The Kearny Center: ‘All Who Knock’

Judy Rushin’s Public Art Piece For The Kearny Center: ‘All Who Knock’

Published April 20, 2015


Judy Rushin’s All Who Knock was installed in The Kearny Center in Tallahassee, FL, April 2015. Rushin used the Facility for Arts Research equipment and space to fabricate and construct the large scale hanging sculpture over the course of a few months.

All Who Knock was commissioned by The Kearny Center, a comprehensive emergency services center for the homeless and it is emblematic of their commitment to providing aid and assistance to those in need. The large, colorful sculpture uses the forms of doors and windows to represent passage, transition, and opportunity. I hope the artwork will evoke feelings of resilience and optimism and offer an encouraging welcome to the residents and service providers at the center.

— Judy Rushin

Rushin has worked with Small Craft Advisory Press (SCAP) on a couple of projects in the past, including the recently completed, vvvvv, a collaborative book art object of 12 letterpress prints adhered to magnetic blocks.

The Kearney Center

The Shelter responds to the emergency needs of people for shelter, food, personal hygiene, clothing, medical assistance and medications, and crisis intervention services without charging fees.  We also offer support services and referrals to other area agencies that we partner with as necessary for food stamps, housing placement, substance abuse counseling, legal aid, health care, job training and employment.

The Shelter serves as the entry point into homeless assistance for individuals and families with children 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

More information about the Kearney Center Tallahassee / More information about the installation from the College of Fine Arts / Judy Rushin’s website