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Facility for Arts Research

The Facility for Arts Research (FAR), part of Florida State University’s College of Fine Arts, supports rigorous investigation and inquiry across artistic media and disciplines with a focus on collaboration. FAR incorporates Small Craft Advisory Press (SCAP), which blends traditional and digital printmaking processes to create collaborative artists’ books, REBOOT, a laboratory that looks toward our culture’s production of waste as a point of departure for a critical engagement with technology, and CommaBox, a collective that builds community through its pop-up shows, exhibitions, and annual boxed collections of small art objects. FAR’s mission is to develop and share arts research-related resources with Florida State University and the larger community, providing a variety of public lectures, residencies, exhibitions, and internship/volunteer opportunities.

Internal Units

Small Craft Advisory Press (SCAP)

scap_logo3-e1334589551790Founded in 2009 by Denise Bookwalter, Small Craft Advisory Press (SCAP) is an artists book press at Florida State University’s Facility for Arts Research (FAR) in Tallahassee, Florida. Originally housed in the basement of the Kellogg Research Building on Florida State University’s main campus, SCAP uses old and new print technologies — namely letterpress, 3d scanner, 3d printer and laser cutter — to create collaborative artists’ books. Our mission is to enable artists and scholars to create artists book editions that push the boundaries and traditions of the book arts.


REBOOT-2-300x100REBOOT is a laboratory that looks toward our culture’s production of waste as a point of departure for a critical engagement with technology. Our approach is rooted in the visual arts and is driven by our collective knowledge of process, materials, and experimentation; as well as a commitment to revealing the social, political, and environmental aspects of technology. Founded in the summer of 2015 by Assistant Professor in Art Rob Duarte, REBOOT is part of the Florida State University Department of Art and the Facility for Arts Research.

Through collaborations with artists and researchers at FSU and beyond, REBOOT projects cast a critical eye on technoculture and the logical consequences of the ways in which we produce, consume, and discard technology. This examination of the political components of technology occurs through a hands-on process of thinking and making, with the goal of provoking discussion and action that will bring about alternative, preferred futures.


Comma Box new logoComma is an annual publication of objects and words. Dedicated to the love of collections, we collaboratively create and produce a variety of hand-made and digitally produced, 2- and 3-dimensional works intended to be handled. Born as an outgrowth of Judy Rushin’s project ViV — where she asserts painting as something vital and mobile —  Comma is an exhibition in a box.

Comma appeals to the idea that collections of small things create narratives they wouldn’t carry individually, and that intimate encounters with objects can potentially grab our imaginations. Each volume will bring together visiting artists to contribute to a limited edition boxed set.


collab is a destination for thought, research, and action that provides an opportunity for intellectual pursuits to be considered and reconsidered through the lens of a working artists studio. Beginning with a conversation-based initiative called “Dialogue Box”, it is a place, an idea, and an experience, the goal of which is to expand conversations between disparate minds and disciplines.

With a focus on exploration, experimentation, and investigation, collab will begin as a scalable, pilot program of curated, dialogue-based interactions providing an opportunity to examine the ebb and flow of ideas, aesthetics and language through collaborations with, and between, individuals engaged in all fields of creative research.

While collab is ultimately a fluid project, its mission is to serve as a catalyst for creativity, inquiry, and collaboration through curated conversations between select individuals and small groups, resulting in dialogue and action unlimited in medium, context or substance. Such activities would serve as springboard events to work with collab’s founder and director, Kevin Curry in crossing boundaries of discipline, thought, and action.



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