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Facility for Arts Research (FAR)

The Facility for Arts Research (FAR), part of Florida State University’s College of Fine Arts, currently incorporates comma, REBOOT Laboratory, and Small Craft Advisory Press. FAR’s mission is to cultivate and support a vibrant creative community by:  
  • Developing ongoing internal projects as sites for important collaborative work
  • Encouraging new creative collaborations among faculty in Florida State University
  • Maintaining a state of the art facility
  • Facilitating a visiting artist program on par with the highest international standards

FAR 2019/2020 Calendar of Events

7pm Sept. 10 Research Night Daniel Luedtke + Jay Fox
7pm Oct. 8 Research Night Tra Bouscaren + Cheri Marks
7pm Nov. 5 FAR & Away Research Night Liat Berdugo
7pm Dec. 10 FAR & Away Research Night Sam Van Aken

FAR 2018/2019 Calendar of Events

7pm Sept. 12 Research Night Kristin Dowell
7pm Sept. 20 FAR & Away Research Night Monica Martinez
7pm Sept. 29 Commabox Launch Party @ Happy Motoring 1215 S. Adams St.
7pm Nov. 1 FAR & Away Research Night Carole Garmon
7pm Nov. 29 FAR Fellows Research Night Sara Scott Shields & Josephine Garibaldi
7pm Feb. 22 FAR & Away Research Night Chris Kardambikis & SCAP Open House
7pm March 28 FAR Fellows Research Night Chari Arespacochaga & Sukanya Chakrabarti
7pm April 4 FAR & Away Research Night Olivia Valentine
7pm April 18 FAR Fellows Research Night Jeff Beekman & Tiffany Rhynard