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Authorized Rhino Training Center

RhinoFabLABLogoThe Facility for Arts Research (FAR) is RhinoFabLab certified and is an Authorized Rhino Training Center, furthering its mission to provide resources for research and education with a focus on hybrid art/design methods. As a RhinoFabLab, FAR is committed to teaching, conducting research and sharing resources about all aspects of design and fabrication. FAR is equipped with Rhino and Rhino-compatible software complimented by a variety of fabrication hardware including lasers, 3D printers and a ShopBot CNC router. RhinoFabLab status enables FAR’s faculty, staff and visiting researchers to communicate within a global network of RhinoFabLabs, sharing research and keeping abreast of and developing best practices in the current 3D fabrication landscape.

FAR normally conducts a three day comprehensive workshop on Rhino software twice a year.  Please see your news/events section for information on any upcoming workshops already scheduled.  FAR can run workshops by request as well. If you and a group of friends or coworkers wishes to set up a workshop please contact us for more details.