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FormlablogoformLab gives artists, designers and scientists access to a variety of tools they can use to create unique 3D objects and explore and visualize form in a tactile, multi-sensory way. formLab offers space and specialized equipment for spatial audio, electronics, digital fabrication and rapid prototyping. Within the formLab a 3D printing lab, a laser lab, and a materials processing lab offer available resources for qualified participants to utilize these resources for their projects.


FAR Director Carolyn Henne Presents at the 8th Annual World Archaeological Conference in Kyoto, Japan

October 27, 2016
The 8th World Archaeological Conference (WAC-8) was recently held in Kyoto, Japan. FSU Art History professor and FAR collaborator Dr. Michael Carrasco chaired the panel discussi ...

Time Odyssey - A Collaborative Installation at the Challenger Learning Center

August 17, 2016
Mechatronics is an engineering field that brings together multiple disciplines to design objects that involve mechanical parts, electronics, and software. ...

FSU Art BA '16 Daniel Rodriguez Working as 3D Designer for Compgeom

July 7, 2016
Daniel Rodriguez was recently hired as a 3D designer for compgeom, a research and development company located in Tallahassee. ...
A salvaged lens ready for repurposing.

Fun With Custom Lenses

February 9, 2016
Last week, faculty member Dan Torop invited formLab head tech, Windham Graves, to be a guest speaker to his class of undergraduate photography students at FSU. Windham explained t ...
Monoprice's Maker Select 3D Printer

formLab: Product Testing New Entry Level 3D Printers for Local Schools

January 26, 2016
With technological advances and years of frenzied open source development access to additive manufacturing (3D Printing) is finally within the grasp of individuals and small organi ...