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Building and Equipment

FAR is housed in a 22,500-square-foot facility nestled on 5 acres in northwest Tallahassee. The facility offers space and specialized equipment for experimental printmaking, spatial audio, electronics and digital fabrication to researchers, faculty and students as part of a rigorous interdisciplinary investigation into making.

3D Printing Lab:

Our 3D Printing Lab houses three machines that use three different materials and processes to produce prints. The MakerBot uses a heated extruder head to produce prints with ABS or PLA plastic, the Mcor Matrix 3D Printer uses a unique additive and subtractive process with regular office paper, and the Zcorp 3D Printer uses a special plaster-like powder. The lab offers access to a ventilation hood for model post processing.

Laser Lab:

The Laser Lab contains FAR’s two laser cutters and materials storage racks. The Epilog Legend 36EXT Laser engraver has a bed size of 24 x 36 inches and the Epilog Zing Laser engraver has a bed size of 12 x 16 inches.

Materials Processing:

The Materials Processing lab houses FAR’s ShopBot CNC Router, belt sander, and table saw. The ShopBot CNC router is a 3 axis machine with additional 4th axis potential for milling work and is equipped with a vacuum table. The router can be used for woodwork as well as drawing or cutting with a drag knife.

Letterpress Shop:

Our letterpress shop is equipped with three Vandercook presses, a photo-polymer platemaker and in-house negative making capabilities. We also maintain a growing collection of metal and wood type and are currently producing sets of laser-engraved and 3D printed type as a part of our ongoing research in experimental printmaking techniques.

Book Bindery:

Equipped with a Jacques board shear, Challenge guillotine, nipping press and an assortment of hand tools, the book bindery is set up for modestly scaled production work.

Papermaking Area:

The paper studio is outfitted with a hand-built, 1 lb. paper beater, hydraulic press, drying system and an assortment of moulds and deckles.

Printmaking Studios:

Our facility houses two etching presses (one just under 4 x 8 feet), hot plate, vacuum table, washout room and several standing and sitting work surfaces.


  • Vandercook Letterpress Universal 1
  • Vandercook Letterpress SP15-21 (adjustable bed)
  • Vandercook Letterpress SP25 (24 x 26 inch bed size)
  • Photopolymer Printing Plate Maker Anderson Vreeland (12 x 18 inches)
  • Epson Large Format Negative Printer (for exposing photopolymer)
  • Challenge guillotine (19 x 15 inches)
  • Takach Etching Press (30 x 60 inches)
  • Takach Etching Press (48 x 96 inches)
  • Epilog Legend 36EXT Laser engraver (24 x 36 inches)
  • ShopBot CNC Router (48 x 96 inches)
  • Fused Deposition Modeling 3D Printers (ABS and PLA)
  • Zcorp 3D Printer (powder)
  • Epson 11000 XL Scanner (12.2×17.2)
  • Board Shear (large scale cutter for paper or board)
  • 10″ Tablesaw